Learning, Choosing, Believing, Achieving

  • The following courses are offered through the virtual program.  
    English -- I, II, III, IV, Speech, Business English, Reading I and II -- Jeremy Carlile
    Science -- Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Biology I and II, Chemistry, Physics -- Nick Limberis
    Math -- Algebra I, II, Geometry, Personal Finance, Financial Literacy, Math Essentials, Pre-Calculus -- Catherine Bell
    Social Studies -- Civics, World Geography, World History, US History, African American Studies -- Mary Wilkinson
    Journey to Careers -- Sandra Hession
    Digital Media, Computer Technology Literacy, Digital Photography, Marketing -- Nancy Allen 
    Fine Arts Survey -- Debbie Lavergne or Pam Templeton
    Spanish I, II, III -- Art Garcia
    French I, II, III -- Amber Miedema 
    Health, Physical Education -- Alex Dibbley, Chad Grissom or Laura Holmes
    Psychology, Sociology, Law Studies -- Ken Brown 
    Parenting, Hospitality and Tourism -- Bridgette Culpepper 
    Agriculture I --  Chad Aucoin 
    Other courses may be available if they are necessary for graduation.