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Coach Provost

Lady Gator Softball Schedule



Date                                        Team                                      Location             

2-16-17                                                                 Starks (scrimmage)                                         LaGrange (4:30pm)

2-16-17                                                                 BBQ DINNER                                                      LaGrange

2-21-17                                                                 Lake Arthur                                                        Away (5pm)

2-23-17                                                                 South Beau                                                         Home (5pm)

2-24-17                                                                 Vinton                                                                  Away (5pm)

3-3 and 3-4                                                          Oakdale tournament                                            Away (TBA)

3-06-17                                                                 Starks (double header)                                       Away (4pm)      

3-07-17                                                                 Rayne (double header)                                       Home (4pm)

3-09-17                                                                 Crowley                                                               Away (5pm)

3-14-17                                                                 Leesville                                                               Away (TBA)

3-16-17                                                                 Deridder                                                              Home (5pm)

3-21-17                                                                 Washington Marion (DH)                              Home (4pm)

3-28-17                                                                 Crowley                                                               Home (5:30)

3-30-17                                                                 Leesville                                                               Home (TBA)

4-04-17                                                                 Deridder                                                              Away (TBA)