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directors chair   TV NEWS POSITIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES  directors chair
All 4th and 5th grade OPE-TV1 News Team members meet daily, 7:15 am to 7:45 am,
Monday through Friday. (Regular school days only)
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News Anchor
A news anchor's job description includes reading the news from a teleprompter, but also conducting field research for news stories.

News Reporter
The job description for a television news reporter involves going into the community, gathering information and presenting it to the  public on the TV.
News Cameraman
A news cameraman shoots video for reports that are broadcast on television stations and websites. News camera operators are often referred to as photojournalists or videographers. Their jobs are vital: Without someone to operate a camera, there are no moving images to accompany a report. News cameramen often work odd hours, including nights and weekends. The news, after all, never sleeps.
Weather Person/Meteorologist
Meteorologists study the Earth's atmosphere and its conditions. They collect and analyze meteorological data gathered from satellites, radar devices and computers to forecast the weather. They use instruments that measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed, humidity, rainfall quantities and air quality. They study and interpret collected data and photographs to make predictions about weather systems and weather patterns.
TV News Producer
A television producer's job description includes coming up with a TV show concept, getting it filmed, getting it edited and getting it broadcast on the air, whether on cable, cable access or another TV venue.

7 Basic Camera Moves
Learn about Camera Movements for TV News Reporter in this free television career video from our experienced broadcast journalist.
Sports Writer
A sports writer's job description is to provide the public breaking sports news.