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Lunch Menu

  • 5/1/2017

    Buttery Toast with Cold Cereal
    Tart Apple Juice
    Ice-Cold Orange Juice


    Festive Chicken Fajitas
    Fresh Baked Oatmeal Cookies
    Baby Carrot Crunchers
    Steamed Broccoli
    Sweet Diced Pears

  • 5/2/2017

    Southern Sausage WW Biscuit
    Delicious, Juicy Cantaloupe


    Rich, Italian Spaghetti
    Tossed, Chilled Salad
    Glazed, Cooked Carrots
    Steamed Broccoli
    Wholesome Wheat Roll
    Zesty, Tropical Fruit

  • 5/3/2017

    Swirly Cinnamon Rolls
    Cool Kiwi


    New Orleans Red Beans & Rice
    Crumbly Cornbread
    Steamed Broccoli
    Cool Cucumbers
    Juicy Green Grapes

  • 5/4/2017

    Creamy Oatmeal and Home-style Biscuit
    Orange Wedge Squeezers


    Breaded Chicken Tenders
    Creamy Mac & Cheese
    Mixed Veggies
    Zesty Salsa
    Wholesome Wheat Roll
    Juicy Watermelon

  • 5/5/2017

    Fresh Baked Breakfast Pizza
    Tart Apple Juice
    Ice-Cold Orange Juice


    Slow-Cooked Sloppy Joe
    Chilled Cole Slaw
    Baked BBQ Beans
    Crisp Red Apple

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