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Out of Zone Forms

Out of Zone forms for the 2017-2018 school year will be available at Child Welfare & Attendance office located at  2423 6th Street, Lake Charles, LA beginning Monday, March 13, 2017.


Parents may also request a form at by emailing: When submitting an email request please include your name, the correct mailing address, and the number of forms needed. A separate form is required for each child.
For more information on Out of Zone permits, please click here.
CPSB Out of Zone Policy






No Calcasieu Parish school shall accept a student from another parish school who has not properly withdrawn from the previous school and has a completed transfer form at the time of the transfer.  In addition, no transfer student shall be accepted at a parish school without a Permit to Register Form issued by the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance.




Students shall be required to attend the school in the attendance area in which their residence is located.  Students who wish to attend a school other than the one designated for their resident attendance zone may apply for transfer when circumstances warrant.  All requests for transfer shall be in writing, and shall include reasons for the transfer as well as other pertinent information that the Calcasieu Parish School Board may require. 


The Superintendent shall consider for approval all requests for student transfer if such transfer is determined to be in the best interests of the student and the school system.  No school shall accept a student who does not reside in that school's attendance zone unless the student has an approved out-of-zone transfer request on file or is a special education assignment to that school.  Out-of-zone requests shall be approved on a space available basis Out-of-Zone requests will be approved one time for each grade level transition or when requesting to change schools.  Example:  Pre-K to Kindergarten, Elementary School to Middle School and Middle School to High School.  Any decision made by the Superintendent regarding the transfer of a student may be appealed to the School Board for a final determination in accordance with state law.


If a special education student is transferring from one Calcasieu school to another, the initial school shall immediately notify the Department of Special Education of the transfer. Special education records shall be transferred immediately upon request by the receiving school.


Students with an extensive history of discipline and/or attendance issues that have not improved after documented interventions by the school system shall not be considered for an Out-of-Zone transfer.


Magnet School Program Requests


Any Calcasieu Parish student may request permission to attend a magnet school program.  The deadline for magnet school requests shall be announced yearly by the Calcasieu Parish School Board.  Applications for each magnet school program will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.  A magnet school request shall be approved for as long as the student continues to meet the attendance and academic requirements of the program. A student who elects to attend a magnet school program shall provide his/her own transportation.


Majority-to-Minority Transfer Requests


Any student whose race is in a majority at a school may request a transfer to school where his/her race is a minority.  Majority-to-minority transfers will be honored at schools dependent on available classroom space and staffing.  Under no circumstances will majority-to-minority transfers be continued once the former minority racial composition of the school equals fifty percent (50%) of the enrollment.


The deadline for applications for majority-minority transfer requests will be established yearly by the Calcasieu Parish School Board.  A student for whom a majority-to-minority request has been approved must remain at the school for the duration of the school year for which the request has been approved.  Transportation will be furnished by the Calcasieu Parish School Board for each student who qualifies for a majority-to-minority transfer if the student enrolls in the school nearest to his/her home in which his/her race is in the minority.  Otherwise transportation shall be the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.


In the event an Out-of-Zone permit is revoked during the school year by the Superintendent or at the request of the parent/guardian, the student is ineligible for another Out-of-Zone transfer that school term.




Students shall be required to attend school in accordance with statutory provisions.  Students may be permitted to withdraw from school however, if approved by the Superintendent and Board.  Such withdrawal must be in accordance with such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Board.


Students withdrawing from a school shall return all school-owned property in good condition and pay all outstanding fees and debts before receiving a withdrawal form.  Upon completion of the withdrawal process, the student shall be given a copy of the completed withdrawal form, a copy of his/her health record, a copy of withdrawal grades and attendance for the portion of the six weeks completed and a copy of his/her report card to take to the receiving school.


Revised:  September, 2008

Revised:  December, 2008

Revised:  August, 2010

Revised:  April 8, 2014



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