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  • Welcome to my announcement page.  This page will include an overview of the week's learning agenda, important classroom, and schoolwide information.  More detailed information for each school day can be found on "Canvas". 

    How to get to Canvas:

    MBMS students log into "Launchpad" where the "Canvas" app, along with other apps, can be found.  Once a student is in "Canvas", my ELA course will be one of those shown on my students' "Dashboard".  Click on ELA, go to "Modules", look for the week of interest, and the information of each day's instruction can be found along with links and supporting files.  


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • September 6th - 10th 

    9/6  Monday - No School - Labor Day

    9/7  Tuesday


    Complete summary for "What Would Peter Do?" for Lesson 8

    Lesson 9 - Compare and Contrast Literary and Non-fiction Text

    Homework - Was pg. 94 in your workbook and the CER for this question completed - Did Brian follow the advice offered in "What Would Peter Do?" 

    9/8  Wednesday

    Article of the Week final writing for "The Iceman" due tomorrow

    Types of Conflicts 

    Hatchet Lesson 10 - Read and annotate chapters 6 & 7 with the focus question What important changes are happening to Brian?  

    Homework - unfinished classwork

    9/9  Thursday

    Types of Conflict

    Hatchet Lesson 11 - How does a character change when faced with challenges?  read and annotate the rest of chapter 7 and chapter 8 

    Homework - Unfinished classwork, study the first six vocabulary words for our next test.  extensive, motivate, asset, diminish, merely, gorge

    9/10  Friday 

    Types of Conflict

    Hatchet Lesson 12 - How does Gary Paulsen, the author of "Hatchet", develop Brian's point of view?  



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  • Article of the Week's Daily ResponsibilitesReading

    Journal with Questions for Each Chapter in "Hatchet"    The reading journal has questions to be answered for each chapter in "Hatchet"

    Monday - school canceled because of Hurricane Ida

    Tuesday - 

    Article of the Week (AOW) "Iceman"  "Iceman" Article of the Week   Monday and Tuesday's AOW tasks

    Focus - "Hatchet" Lesson 6 - read chapter 5   

    While reading chapter 5, at the end of each page, ask yourself this focus question , "What is Brian learning about survival?"  If your answer is "no", keep reading.  If your answer is "yes", write the page number and what he learned, and then keep reading.  Continue this process throughout chapter 5.  


    AOW "Iceman" - Wednesday's task, analyze the prompt per directions on the page.  

    Picture Grammar - add adverbs to describe the action verbs you listed for your picture.

    Focus - "Hatchet" Lesson 7:  Diction and Characterization

    How does Gary Paulsen, the author of "Hatchet", use diction to develop the main character, Brian?

    Write a claim and support your claim with at least two pieces of text evidence.

    Diction is the choice and use of words in writing or speech; Word choice.  Writers use diction to convey a message to the reader.  Gary Paulsen's diction, word choice, helps the reader understand Brian.  

    Reading Journal Questions

    Thursday - 

    AOW "Iceman" - Thursday's task:  create a t-chart to organize writing for the article in reference to the prompt from yesterday

    T= Topic sentence, then t-chart for Big Ideas/Supporting Details, and then C = Closing Statement


    Focus - Lesson 8:  Comparing and Contrasting Literary and Nonfiction Texts.  

    Read the nonfiction piece "What Would Peter Do?" What Would Peter Do?

    Compare and contrast the advice in the nonfiction text and the way Brian reacts in "Hatchet".  While you read "What Would Peter Do?", annotate the main idea and underline the supporting details for each paragraph. 

    Look back at your annotations to help you summarize the text.  

     Friday - 

    AOW "Iceman" Friday's task - use the topic sentence, information from the t-chart, and closing statement to organize your writing for the prompt - "In a paragraph for your teacher proving that cave people had civilized habits much like those of our own."

    Focus - Lesson 9:  Comparing and Contrasting Literary and Nonfiction Texts

    Continue comparing and contrasting the survival advice and Brian's decisions using the advice graphic organizer (I'll attach it tomorrow).  

    Write a CER CER Frameworkparagraph to evaluate Brian's decisions.  Did Brian follow the advice offered in "What Would Peter Do?"



    This is for next Tuesday's "Hatchet" lesson

    Focus - Lesson 10:  What important changes are happening to Brian?  Read chapter 6 and 7 stopping at the paragraph that begins with "They were awful berries ..." 

    Think about the following focus questions WHILE reading the chapters to that point.

       What challenges does Brian face?

       How does Brian respond to these challenges?

    Write the page(s) numbers then write the annotation that addresses those two questions.

    *Reading Journal Questions


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  • “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

    – Robert Collier

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