Welcome to Mrs. Kuhnell's Eighth Grade Science Class

  • Hello!!  This week we will conclude Unit 1-Geology On Mars.  Parents, the dates are for a timeframe reference.  Students have been instructed to work where they have left off if they are absent.  Students will log into Canvas to work on assignments----along with their Unit Booklets.

    Daily:  Warm Up Question; Peer Discussion; Class Discussion; Written Explanations.--Ask to see your students' Science Unit Booklet.  He or she can explain what we are doing during class each day.

    9/20 Monday-Chapter 3.1 "Evaluating New Information from Mars"

    9/21 Tuesday-Chapter 3.2 "Evaluating Claims About the Channel on Mars"

    9/22 Wednesday-Chapter 3.3 "Reasoning About Evidence from Mars"

    9/23 Thursday---Half-Day (Sam Houston Homecoming) Periods 1, 2, 3, 8-Complete 3.3

    9/24 Friday-Chapter 3.4 "Writing an Argument About the Channel on Mars"-GRADED ASSIGNMENT

    **Monday, 9/ 27--Written Assessment for Unit 1.  GRADED ASSIGNMENT

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  • Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

    Hello !!  I hope you all are staying dry now that Nicholas has made his arrival.

    If you are working on assignments----just ignore the dates and work in order of the posted assignments.  Hope to see you soon!

    Students who are absent or quarantining may go to Canvas to get their assignments to keep up with the Class.  


    9/13 Mon-OFF

    9/14 Tue-OFF

    9/15 Wed-

    Chapter 2.2-Warm Up; 2nd Read of "Investigating Landforms on Venus"

    9/16 Thur-

    Observing the Flowing Water Model

    9/17 Fri-

    -Chapter 2.3 Testing Ideas, Flowing Lava Model

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  • 9/6-Labor Day Holiday

    9/7 Written assignment:  "Mars, The New Frontier"

    9/8 Vocabulary Quiz; Ch2.1.1 Introducing Active Reading:Warm-Up

    9/9 Ch2.1.2,3 Discussion; Student Annotation-article"Investigating Landforms On Venus"

    9/10 Ch2.1.4

    *Absentees have their Unit Booklets to work in.  

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  • Mon-Hurricane Ida

    Tue-Sub-Written Assignment/Reading Article

    Wed-Sub-Written Assignment/Reading Article

    Thur-Unit 1.2 Introducing the Channel on Mars

    Fri-Unit 1.3 Investigating a Mystery Object on Mars

    *Vocabulary test next week* Students have their Unit Booklet with them