• be yourself

    Welcome to English III, IV. We have quite a bit to cover this year, and I am excited to have the opportunity to teach each of you.

    High Stakes testing:

    JUNIORS- ACT test-   

             This test takes place in March and is free for all junior students. EVERY FRIDAY is ACT prep from Mastery.

    SENIORS- CLEP test

             This test takes place in Dec. Students must complete Modern States in College Composition to take the test.  EVERY FRIDAY is ACT and/or             Modern States. 

    Lessons are interactive EVERYDAY. Any online assignments will be posted on Canvas ONLY.

    Parents: Grading policy-  at least 9 grades will be taken each 9 weeks

      All grades on Jcampus are posted only after grading.  If a 0 is the grade- the student received a 0. It is not an ungraded assignment. Absent grades will have an X.