• Monday: Students will complete lesson 8 (chapter 9 in The Giver.) Students will answer questions 1-3 on their split note page located under assignments in Canvas.  If they do not have access to canvas they can work in their workbook page 155. 

    Students will also add "empowered" to their vocabulary list found in their workbook page 126-129.  

    HOMEWORK: Read chapters 10-11 and add two major events to their reading log located in Canvas. 

    Tuesday: Lesson 9: Students will read chapter 11.  They will add vocabulary word  oobsolete to their vocabulary list in their workbook. Students will complete questions 4-6 in Canavas.  If they are unable to reach Canvas, they are to use their workbook page 156. 

    HOMEWORK: Read chapter 12 and add 2 events to your Reading Log on Canvas. 

    Wednesday: Lesson 10: Students will read excerpts from Chapter 12.  They will add the word relinquish to their vocabulary chart in their workbook.  Students will complete last question on their split note assignment. 


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  • Monday: Learnzillion Lesson 5: Part 1

    Tuesday: Learnzillion Lesson 5: Part 2

    Wednesday: Learnzillion Lesson 6 Part 1

    Thursday: Learnzillion Lesson 6: Part 2

    Friday: Learnzillion Lesson 7.


    Quiz next Tuesday covering Lessons 1-7.  We will review on Monday. 

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  • LEAP testing begins May 3-7 for 7th grade. 

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