Welcome to Mrs. Bushnell's 7th Grade American History Class

  • September 20th- 24th Agenda 

    MONDAY- Intolerable Acts & Homework #5-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Patriots, Loyalists, & Neutral

    WEDNESDAY- 1st Continental Congress

    THURSDAY-Paul Revere

    FRIDAY- What caused the American Revolution TEST

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  • September 13th- 17th Agenda 

    MONDAY- Townshend Act & Homework #4-DUE Friday

    TUESDAY- Boston Massacre

    WEDNESDAY- Boston Tea Party

    THURSDAY- Intolerable Acts

    FRIDAY- Review

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  • September 7th- 10th Agenda 

    TUESDAY- Chapter 5 Vocabulary & Homework #3-DUE Friday

    WEDNESDAY- French and Indian War

    THURSDAY- Stamp Act 

    FRIDAY- Sons of Liberty and Vocabulary TEST


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