• Agenda week of February 26 to March 1, 2024

    Monday- BTS Lesson 5.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Tuesday- BTS Lesson 6.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Wednesday- BTS Section 1 Quiz.  Library day.  Bring your library books.

    Thursday- Flocabulary lesson on Slavery.

    Friday- Lesson 7, part 1.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

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  • Agenda week of February 19-23, 2024

    Monday- Begin new unit, Behind the Scenes Lesson 1.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Tuesday- Behind the Scenes (BTS) Lesson 2.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.  

    Wednesday- Flocabulary lesson on Figurative Language.  (Lake Area Adventures field trip.)

    Thursday- BTS Lesson 3. Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Friday- BTS Lesson 4 part 1.

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  • Agenda week of February 12-16, 2024

    Monday- No school, Mardi Gras break.

    Tuesday- No school, Mardi Gras break.

    Wednesday- No school, Mardi Gras break.

    Thursday- SLT post test day 1.

    Friday- SLT post test day 2.

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  • Agenda week of February 5-9, 2024

    Monday- Write conclusion for Culminating Writing Task (CWT).  Students will peer edit and revise.

    Tuesday- Students will have 45 minutes to type final draft.  DUE AT THE END OF CLASS.

    Wednesday- Unit Cold Read test. Multiple choice portion.

    Thursday- Unit Cold Read test. Essay Portion.

    Friday- Pick up Blood on the River books. Get materials read for new unit, "Behind the Scenes." Watch "Setting the Context" videos.

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  • Agenda week of January 29-February 2, 2024

    Monday- Library Day.

    Tuesday- Lesson 28, comparing text and video.

    Wednesday- Graphic Organizer to gather information to begin Culminating Writing Task.

    Thursday- Write Introduction and Body Paragraph 1 of Culminating Writing Task.

    Friday- Body Paragraph 2 of Culminating Writing Task.

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  • Agenda week of January 22-26, 2024

    ***Classwork not finished will become homework.***

    Monday- WIB Lesson 23.  See Canvas for assignment.

    Tuesday- Lesson 24 part 1.  See Canvas for assignment.

    Wednesday- Lesson 24 part 2.  See Canvas for assignment.

    Thursday- Lesson 25 for a grade.  See Canvas for assignment.

    Friday- Lesson 28.  See Canvas for assignment.

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  • Agenda week of January 18-19, 2024

    Thursday- Blooket, Blood on the River Comprehension quiz, Submit Lesson 18 on Canvas if not have done so.  Homework:  Study for Section 6 quiz tomorrow.

    Friday- Section 6 quiz, AR quiz on Blood on the River.

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  • Agenda week of January 8-12, 2024

    Digital Citizenship Day schedule for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Modified/shorter class periods.

    Monday- Lesson 19 part 1. Read chapters 24-25 of Blood on the River, and add to Point of View chart.  Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Tuesday- Lesson 19 part 2. Read chapters 26-27, and add to Point of View chart. Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Wednesday- Point of View chart on Canvas for a grade.  AR Test on Blood on the River if time allows. Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Thursday- Lesson 20-Poem "Indian." Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

    Friday- Lesson 21-Poem "Pocahontas." Homework:  Complete unfinished classwork.

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  • Agenda week of Jan. 4-5, 2024

    Thursday- Read chapters 18-20 of Blood on the River.  Take notes. Homework-Finish reading Chapter 20.

    Friday- Lesson 18 of the unit.  Homework-Read Chapters 21-23 of Blood on the River.

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