Degrees and Certifications:

Emily Ardoin

My name is Emily Ardoin and I am T.S. Cooley's School Counselor. I have been part of the Cooley family as a teacher and parent and am so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing school community! I have been a School Counselor since 2010. I strive to provide my students with a safe place to go if they feel confused, worried, or need some encouragement. Although Cooley is an ideal learning environment, our students may still face challenges while they are here. I would like our students to know they always have an ally and there is always someone at school to offer support. My primary responsibility is to promote academic, personal, and social development. I will work with students at the classroom level, in small groups, and through short-term individual counseling. Students can self-refer to see me individually or to be a part of various small groups. They can also be referred by teachers, staff members, and/or parents and guardians.  I am available to collaborate with teachers, staff, and parents/guardians. If I can help you or your student in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by phone at 337.217.4680, extension 5705, or by email at