Welcome to 6th grade English

  • Course Overview

    This year, students will be working in the Springboard platform (digital and in workbooks) for our class content. Their course calendar and classroom communications take place within Canvas where detailed assignment information is shared with students. While parents cannot access this platform, students have accounts that can be accessed via Launchpad.

    In the Springboard platform for 6th grade, there are 4 units. 

    Unit 1- Stories of Change

    Students will be expected to write a Personal Narrative and a Short Story in Unit 1.

    Unit 2- The Power to Change

    Students will be expected to write an Informative essay.

    Unit 3- Changing Perspectives

    Students will be expected to research and debate a controversy and write an argumentative letter.

    Unit 4- A Change of Scene

    Students will be expected to research and present a poet and perform a scene.


    Students are given a study guide or sent home with their workbook the day before tests. We do review the day before. They should have notes and highlighted areas in their study guide/work book to study. Please sign that Activity/Lesson for me to know that you studied with your child.


    Please check your student's grade center regularly to ensure they are on track. Students will receive a minimum of 9 grades per class per 9 weeks. Report cards will be sent home the day after the 9 weeks ends.

    The 1st 9 weeks: August 12- October 17.

    The 2nd 9 weeks: October 18- January 9.

    The 3rd 9 weeks: January 10- March 16.

    The 4th 9 weeks: March 17- May 24.


    Grading Scale:

    A= 93-100

    B= 85-92

    C= 75-84

    D= 67- 74

    F= 0-66

    X= Assignment was not turned in

    *Students have until the day before the 9 weeks ends to turn in missing assignments. These dates are 10/16 (1st), 1/8 (2nd), 3/15 (3rd), and 5/23 (4th).


    Parents and legal guardians can receive CPSB BB Comms communication via email and text if the students contact information is up to date and accurate. Please ensure that a parent/guardian number is listed in the "Student cell phone" field in Student Progress Center.

    Feel free to contact me at jade.gotte@cpsb.org.

    Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.