• Sam Houston's Student Council, a National Council of Excellence, is one of four high schools in Louisiana to demonstrate the integrity required to attain this status.  Student Council is an integral part of Sam Houston High School and strives to make good students into great leaders. Meetings are held every Tuesday morning at 7:05 in the gym. 
    Student Council is made up of twenty students from each grade who are selected by students and faculty.  Representatives must maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout the year, must earn 30+ service hours, and maintain a positive rapport with students and the administration.  They must show positive leadership away from school as well as while on campus.
    Student Council is very active around Sam Houston's campus.  Representatives attend district, state, regional, and national conventions, in addition to the 20-25 delegates who attend the Louisiana Association of Student Councils (LASC) Summer Workshop each summer.  LASC is a leadership camp that involves students from all over the state of Louisiana.  LASC is a springboard for activities, programs, and leadership skills that are practiced throughout the year at Sam Houston.
    Student Council offers Freshmen Introduction to Sam Houston (FISH Camp) to all incoming freshmen.  FISH Camp is a half-day damp that concludes freshmen registration where students learn about the extracurricular activities offered at Big Sam, tour the campus, and participate in skits and games.