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  • Blackboard Featured Site Nomination Form

    Blackboard Featured Site Nomination Form

    Do you know someone who has an awesome Blackboard site that is a great resource for parents and students?

    The CPSB Technology Training Center will select a elementary, middle and high school site to showcase every two weeks.

    Nomination form is available by clicking on the above article title, Blackboard Featured Site Nomination Form.

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  • BB Help

    BB Help

    Two resources that may help you when you are in need of Blackboard support are as follows:
    1. The BB Help Tab-
    When you log into Blackboard, you will see a BBHelp tab. Click on this tab and you will find numerous resources for the popular tasks that are done in Blackboard.
    2. Submit a Blackboard Tech Help Ticket-
    If you are unable to find the answer in the information at BBHelp, then submit a Tech Help ticket to the Blackboard workspace. Also, if you have recommendations for additional resources that would be helpful to include in the BBHelp tab, you may submit those in a ticket. To submit a Blackboard Tech Help ticket, click on Tech Help from the main CPSB webpage. Then, click on Submit a ticket. Finally, click on Blackboard and login using your firstname.lastname and the same password that you use to check your email.

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