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How Do I Upgrade?

  • It’s important to upgrade all capable Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 NOW!!!

    Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 soon. All eligible computers have been queued for imaging; therefore, no Tech Help (Footprints) ticket is necessary.

    For steps on how to upgrade your computer, click here.

    ***Note: You MUST backup to OneDrive any files, bookmarks, downloads, fonts, that you want to keep. The computer will be wiped clean during the re-imaging process. If you need instructions on backing up files, go to: https://www.cpsb.org/windows10. Select "Backing Up Your Files" from the navigation menu.

    All software/printers will have to be reloaded; therefore, you will need to submit a ticket for temporary admin rights to install. Many district-wide applications have been added to software center, so be sure to check there first.

    ****Any computer not upgraded by December 1, 2019 will be remotely taken off the network due to the security risk and will be disabled.  

    Here are some resources that will help you with the transition to the Windows 10 operating system: http://help.cpsb.org/documents.aspx?subDir=Windows 10

    As always, if you experience issues during this process, please submit a Footprint ticket to footprints.cpsb.org.