• The instructional curriculums for kindergarten through 5th grades follow the same format and content that is used in the regular school settings throughout Calcasieu Parish elementary schools.  Because of the smaller class sizes and an additional adult in all classrooms, students are provided with more individualized instruction in all subject areas. 

    In this setting, Successmaker is used to monitor growth in reading and mathematics.  Students interact with the computerized program a minimum of 20 minutes per subject (reading and math only) each day.  Progress is tracked and interventions are determined based on each student’s performance.  Gaps in a student’s understanding are addressed through specific interventions, tailored for the individual student.  

    There is a continuation of services for students who receive special services through an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or who receive specific accommodations through a 504 Plan.  The home-based school sends the IEP or 504 Plan to Positive Connections, and our grade-level team reviews all avenues that require attention.  At orientation, the specific needs of each student are discussed with the parents, and plans for coordinated services for itinerant teaches and outside connections are made.