• To promote healthy behavioral choices for every student, each student has 30 minutes of individualized time with either the on-site licensed professional counselor or licensed social worker each week.  If a student needs additional counseling during the week, visits to either counselor are permitted on an as-needed basis.  In addition to individualized counseling, each student participates in a 30-minute classroom-based social skills lesson each day. The social skills instructor collaborates with both the classroom teacher/teachers and the student’s counselor to ensure that the student progresses through the behavior levels, making significant progress in making positive responses to behavioral triggers.

    Students who meet their behavioral goals progress from Level Blue (65 – 79%) to Level Yellow (80 - 89%) to Level Green (90 – 100%). Behavior achievements are marked and colored on each student’s calendar.  If a student has earned the right to Fabulous Friday rewards, that student can wear designated specialty items on Friday, such as baseball caps, denim jeans, favorite team jerseys, colored socks, etc.  Qualifying students are given a PASS on Thursday afternoon to show to the parents that they have successfully completed the week, making positive choices throughout.

    The staff at Positive Connections view misbehavior as an opportunity to teach the proper behavior to the student. If after multiple reteachings, the student chooses to continue inappropriate behavior(s), then the appropriate consequences established by CPSB’s Discipline Policy will be enforced. Parents will be notified of out-of-school suspensions both by letter and phone.