•  To promote healthy behavioral choices for all students, every student participates in a daily 30-minute classroom-based social skills lesson. The classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, and the Dean of Discipline collaborate to ensure that the student progresses through the behavior levels, charting the student's progress in making positive responses to behavioral triggers. Since Positive Connections is close to the Lake Charles Regional Airport, our school has adopted an airplane pilot as our mascot, and the personal mantra of LEAD - Lead by example, Encourage others, Act respectfully, and Defy the odds.  Each morning, during schoolwide announcements, students recite the LEAD pledge, and throughout the day, those ideals are reinforced and praised when observed by staff members. All of these efforts are to encourage and reward those students who exhibit positive behavior.

         As part of the PBIS (Positive Behavior and Intervention Support) System, students who meet their behavioral goals progress from Level Blue (65 – 79%) to Level Yellow (80 - 89%) to Level Green (90 – 100%). Behavior achievements are marked and colored on each student’s calendar.  If a student has earned the right to Fabulous Friday rewards, that student can wear designated specialty items on the last day of the week, such as baseball caps, denim jeans, favorite team jerseys, colored socks, etc. Qualifying students are given a PASS on Thursday afternoon to show to the parents that they have successfully completed the week, making positive choices throughout.  In addition to the change of dress for those deserving students, those students who score in the 90-100% range every day of the week will be rewarded with an additional incentive for LEAD-ing behavior.

         The staff at Positive Connections views misbehavior as an opportunity to teach the proper behavior to the student. To teach the social skills, teachers use videos, role modeling, and discussion circles to engage the students in identifying appropriate and inappropriate responses to different triggers.  Social skill lessons are created and developed to cover a full week of instruction in all subject areas and in all grade levels. Students are immersed in the social skill activities and are consistently reminded to model the targeted social skill when in adult-to-student and in student-to-student interactions.  If after multiple reteaching, the student chooses to continue inappropriate behavior(s), then the appropriate consequences established by CPSB’s Discipline Policy will be enforced. Parents will be notified of out-of-school suspensions both by letter and phone.