• LaGrange Senior High School is a cultural and academic center for the community.  Its central purpose is to facilitate the academic, vocational, social, and physical growth of the child toward his function as a responsible and productive citizen.  It is responsible for providing sound educational and extracurricular programs in an environment which is conducive to learning.  The community, in turn, should support the school's policies and programs.


    Most students express the desire to have their needs met academically, vocationally, socially, physically, emotionally, and artistically.  In an effort to meet these needs, the school identifies individual differences through testing, teacher evaluation, counseling, and interaction with parents.  To accommodate these differences, it uses ability grouping, special programs, and curriculum adjustments.


    Among administrators, teachers, and students, this school seeks a relationship of harmony, mutual respect, tolerance, communication, and cooperation.


    Drawing from the members of the community, the school identifies changes in American society and continually evaluates, upgrades, and adjusts programs in the curriculum to meet these changes. The successful implementations of technology allow faculty to prepare students for the challenges of this new millennium.  The school recognizes that different cultures affect education, and it has a commitment to provide educational opportunities for every child.