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Visit our website   |   AUGUST 29, 2019
Volume 20, Issue #2
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Promethean Board Tech Help: New Procedures for Installing ActivDriver and ActivInspire

To make keeping a Promethean ActivBoard up-to-date easier, ActivDriver and ActivInspire software are now available for download from the CPSB Tech Support Software Center. ActivDriver is necessary for a computer to be able to communicate with a connected Promethean board. ActivInspire software is used to edit and create flipcharts.

Installing ActivDriver
In order to install ActivDriver from Software Center, the computer needs to be updated to Windows 10. Visit the CPSB Windows 10 Tech Help webpage for more information.
Follow these steps to install ActivDriver:

  1. Locate the Promethean ActivBoard's serial number. To learn where the serial number can be found, visit this Promethean World webpage.
  2. Next, go to Software Center by either typing Software Center in the Windows search box located in the bottom left taskbar of the connected computer or by clicking on the Windows Start icon, selecting Microsoft System Center, then Software Center.
  3. Click on ActivDriver and then click install.

NOTE: In the event of an error, a Tech Help ticket will need to be submitted. In the ticket, please indicate that the software or driver was being installed and state the specific error that occurred.


Installing ActivInspire
Because ActivInspire is to be installed only on a computer that connects to a Promethean ActivBoard, a software activation code is needed. This is a 20-digit number located on the front of the board. If this number isn't available, submit a CPSB Tech Help ticket to the Promethean Workspace. In the ticket, include the serial number of the board/panel and then the code will be provided.
Follow these steps to install ActivInspire:

  1. Once the serial number and activation code have been obtained, go to Software Center by either typing Software Center in the Windows search box located in the connected computer's bottom left taskbar or by clicking on the Start icon followed by Microsoft System Center, then Software Center.
  2. Click on ActivInspire, then click Install.
  3. Enter the serial number of the board, then ActivInspire will install and open.
  4. If prompted for a code, enter the following information:

    User: cpsb
    Organization: cpsb
    Activation Key: the ActivBoard's ActivInspire Key

  5. Next, choose to either Import Resource Pack to Shared Resources or My Resources.
  6. After it is done importing, the software is ready to use.

NOTE: Installing ActivInspire on a computer that is connected to any other brand of interactive whiteboard is a violation of the ActivInspire software agreement.

Immersive Reader example screenshot
Immersive Reader: Free and Safe Text-to-Speech for All Students

Microsoft's Learning Tool Immersive Reader is a and safe text-to-speech for all students and is now available to CPSB users with Office 365. Immersive Reader allows users to change the background color, have text read aloud, offers a picture dictionary, and includes text/voice options.

Customizable and extremely user-friendly, teachers can facilitate students in creating the format that meets their individual needs. Immersive Reader is available on these platforms: Word, OneNote, Outlook, Microsoft Edge Browser and Office Lens app.

Windows 10 Ink Workspace
Windows 10 Windows Ink Workspace

Have you ever been in the middle of a lesson and the internet goes out? Ever need to annotate over a screen to share in an email? No worries! Windows 10 comes to the rescue with Windows Ink Workspace. Windows Ink Workspace has the following features: Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Snip & Sketch. Sticky Notes allows you to create and save notes to your Windows desktop. Sketchpad is a blank whiteboard that can easily be used to show student work and solve problems. The Snip & Sketch feature allows the user to capture the entire desktop or specific portions to annotate, print, save and share.  Follow these steps to show the Windows Ink Workspace icon in the taskbar.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.

  2. Select Show Windows Ink Workspace button.

  3. Select the Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar to open it.

Visit Microsoft's Windows Ink Windows Support page.

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