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Visit our website   |   SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
Volume 20, Issue #4
CPSB Digital Citizenship
Ambassadors Workshop

The CPSB Technology Training Center hosted a Digital Citizenship Ambassador Workshop on Saturday, September 7th. Participants from each Calcasieu Parish school participated in the event to learn about and share digital citizenship resources. The vision statement for this district-wide program is as follows:     

All CPSB employees and students will become responsible and informed digital citizens by learning to maximize the potential of digital media in a globally, connected world politely, properly, efficiently, and carefully. To accomplish the goal, the Calcasieu Parish Technology Training Center will provide guidance, direction, and support in helping campus-based Digital Citizenship Ambassadors provide instruction on how to become a safe and responsible digital citizen. 

Breaking News in the World of Promethean Webinar
with AXI's Kelli Deranger
TODAY at 3:30 PM

Join the CPSB Technology Training Center as AXI's Kelli Deranger shares information about the latest updates to ActivInspire. She'll also give a sneak peek into the new things to come to the world of Promethean. If you have an ActivBoard, you'll not want to miss this webinar! Register at CPSB Tech Classes to attend today, September 12th, from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM. 

Get Your Hands on Technology
Discovery Education & iCivics Presents Constitution Day 2019: Find Your Voice

On September 17th at 12:00 PM CST, Discovery Education will partner with iCivics to present Constitution Day 2019: Find Your Voice, a special virtual viewing party for students and teachers in observance of Constitution Day 2019.

During this no-cost, one-of-a-kind learning experience, classrooms nationwide will explore the United States’ Constitution, examine the rights the Constitution guarantees all Americans, and investigate ways today’s students can participate in civic life. Students will have an opportunity to find, protect and make their voices heard through civic engagement and action. Discovery Education has created a collection of activities for K-12 classrooms to drive discussion for the event.

Teachers can download the Teacher Guide and opt to participate in the live event or access the footage and resources on-demand after September 17th. Register your classroom to participate either live or on-demand on Discovery Education's Constitution Day 2109 website.       

Resetting Passwords for
Student Network Accounts

Looking for help with CPSB student network accounts? Here are a few highlights from the Tech Support Alert sent on August 6th.

Students have been given the ability to reset their own passwords in case the password has been forgotten. Students will go to http://account.cpsb.org on any computer on the district network and click on the “Student Self Password Reset” link. In order to reset the password, students will need their Student ID & last 4 digits of their Social Security Number (SSN) in order to reset their password. In the cases where a student may not have the last 4 digits of their SSN, they may contact the office for this information.

As an additional backup to students doing their own password resets, some teachers at each school location will have the ability to reset student passwords. Teachers selected by the school administration have the ability to reset student passwords from any computer connected to the district network. These teachers will go to http://account.cpsb.org and click on the “Student Password Reset” link. Teachers will be prompted for their user name and password and then at that point, they can reset the password using the onscreen instructions. The list of teachers designated to reset student passwords at each school can be found at this link: http://help.cpsb.org/AccountResources/password_reset.aspx. You will be asked to log in with your CPSB credentials. Additionally, any teacher can use the “Student Account Search” link to search for student accounts in cases where the exact account name for a student is unknown.

For the full content of the Tech Support Alert message, search your email inbox for August 6, 2019. Contact Tech Support at 217-4357 for assistance.

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Brush Ninja Animated Gif Creator

Brush Ninja is an online animated gif creator. Teachers can use this free and easy site to create animated gifs to capture student attention during a lesson. It's also a fun tool that students can use right from the website https://brush.ninja/ to learn about animation, to illustrate concepts and knowledge that they have learned, or to make their presentations more interesting. Educational examples could display the steps of solving a math problem, illustrating parts of speech, and illustrating key physical science concepts. No logins are necessary, the site is advertisement-free, and it's easy to export in order to share.

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