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Visit our website   |   january 9, 2020
Volume 20, Issue 18
ITEC Classroom Grant
Applications Due Monday, January 13th

You have the expertise to integrate technology to support learning goals, but your students need access to the tools to make the most of it. How are you going to get computers? Short of winning the edtech lottery, the next best way is to apply for the Calcasieu Parish Technology Department's Implementing a Technology-Enriched Curriculum (ITEC) Grant. This year, the simple grant application is due no later than noon on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Download a copy of this grant application, complete the application cover form, include copies of your resume and teaching certificate, write a brief narrative about technology integration, and request letters of support from your current principal and a colleague. Interviews will be held
the week of January 13, 2020. Please contact Pam Nicholson at pam.nicholson@cpsb.org with any questions.

New Year, New Tech Classes

The Technology Training Center's Tech Class Calendar has been updated with new classes including webinars, online-only courses, and special events. Visit www.cpsb.org/techclasses for the entire calendar and www.cpsb.org/techpoints for more information about how teachers can get their hands on technology by earning Tech Points. Here's a peek at some of what's currently open for registration.

Tech Across the Languages
(webinar) | January 9th at 3:30 PM
Let's Go on a Bear Hunt - No, a Flipgrid Hunt
(webinar) | January 15th at 3:30 PM
DigCit Awareness: Media Balance and Well-Being (webinar) | January 21st at 3:30 PM
Professional Resources are a Click Away (webinar) | February 3rd at 3:30 PM
Creating Self-Assessments with StudyMate (webinar) | February 10th at 3:30 PM
Active Learning Tools (webinar) | February 12th at 3:30 PM
Collaborate That with Office 365 Tools (webinar) | February 13th at 3:30 PM
DigCit Awareness: Privacy and Security (webinar) | February 18th at 3:30 PM
I Can't Read That! Tools to Empower Students (webinar) | February 20th at 3:30 PM

Introduction to Coding (online course) | begins January 30th
Introduction to Personalized Learning in Office 365 (online course) | begins February 3rd
Coding in the Classroom (online course) | begins February 19th

Microsoft Innovation Academy | Saturday, January 25th at 8:00 AM - noon
Registration is limited for this event and is open to teachers who will earn a $100 stipend for attending all four sessions. A complete list of session choices will be sent to registered participants the week prior to the event.

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Types of Printer Connections

There are a few ways that printers can be connected to computers. Here is an overview of each:

Network Connection
A network-connected printer is not plugged directly into the computer. These printers have a network cable attached to them. Network computers can communicate with these printers over the CPSB network. With this connection type, it is possible to print from iPads and laptops that are on the CPSB Wi-Fi. When possible, this is the recommended connection type.

USB Connection
A USB-connected printer has a USB cable connecting it directly to the computer. This connection type is best for multi-function printers that have built-in scanners. This is also how to connect a printer that doesn’t have a network (Ethernet) port.

Wireless Connection
A printer that is connected wirelessly has only a power cable attached to it. These printers communicate with computers over Wi-Fi. CPSB Tech Support typically recommends against this type of connection due to reliability issues. If you have the option to plug a network cable into the printer, you should almost always do a network printer setup instead.

Shared Connection
A shared printer is connected directly to one computer and then shared across the network for others to access. The computer basically acts as the printer’s receptionist. All print jobs first go to the computer, then the computer delivers it to the printer. The primary problem with this sort of connection is that if the computer that the printer is connected to is powered off or goes into sleep mode, no other computer can print. This setup should only be done if it is the only option.

If you have any questions about printer connections, please visit the CPSB Tech Support site while on the CPSB network at http://help.cpsb.org or call 217-HELP (4357).

Holiday iPad Winner

Congratulations to Megan Shillow of Kaufman Elementary School! Mrs.Shillow's name was randomly selected from the submitted form entries as the winner of the CPSB Technology Department Holiday iPad Giveaway. Thank you to all who participated.    

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

When showing a video on YouTube, a few handy keyboard shortcuts are available.

  • Rewind a video by 10 seconds by pressing the J key.

  • Fast-forward a video 20 seconds by pressing the L key.

  • Make a video full-screen by pressing the F key.

  • Press the Home key to go to the start of a video.

  • To mute a video, press the M key.

  • For volume control, use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys, accordingly.

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