• We promote a positive working relationship between schools and community stakeholders

    We link parents to appropriate service providers and agencies placing emphasis on students with disabilities. We assist parents in their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

    We provide a library of digital and printed resource materials in order to enhance parenting and family interactions, gain understanding, and build a strong partnership between parents, community and educators.

    We offer high-quality, research-based professional development to educators, service providers, families, and community members. We strive to improve the academic achievement of Calcasieu Parish children and youth.

    We participate in general overall school and family involvement activities planned by the schools and communicating with community organizations regarding services CPSB CIRCLE Center provides to families.

  • The Benefit of Parents and Teachers Working Together
    It is our goal to make sure that parents and teachers are working together as allies. On the home side of the line, there are all the things you know about your child; the help you give them with their homework, social development with siblings and peers. On the school side of the line, there are all the things your child’s teacher knows about them, the help they’re getting with their schoolwork, their social development with peers. The end goal is the same for both parent and school: helping children be responsible, safe and successful.

  • About Us
    Our resource center has a wealth of resources and supports to allow parents, students, faculty & staff and community to learn to move from parent involvement activities to community engagement that is linked to learning and partnership. We hope you will take advantage of the resource materials, workshops and training to utilize the opportunities for networking and collaboration between parents and families, school faculty and staff and community stakeholders.