• First Place
    Business Ethics Aimee J. & Karllie L. 
    Global Business  Andrew D., Claire B., & Logan J.
    Accounting II Isabella R.
    Advertising Erin H.
    Journalism Karllie L.
    Organizational Leadership Andrew D.
    Insurance and Risk Management Claire B.
    Client Service Kailey L.


  • Superior
    Business Calculations Elaine D.
    Computer Applications Hannah C.
    Intro to Business Bethany C.
    Intro to Business Procedures Allie B. & Resse P.
    Computer Solving Problems Hannah C.
    Intro to Business Communications Allie B.
    Organizational Leadership Mark C.
    Political Science Elaine D.
    Word Processing  Kayleigh R.
    Public Speaking  Emma H.
    Intro to Public Speaking Erin H.


  • Excellent
    Accounting I Mark C.
    Business Communication Konnor P.
    Economics Breanna B. & Natalie G.
    Securities and Investments Ethan D.
    Accounting II Aimee J.
    Cyber Security  Konnor P.
    Journalism Natalie G.
    Marketing Clailey D. & Emma H.
    Personal Finance Ethan D. & T'Erricka S.
    Sports and Entertianmet Management Matthew A.
    Word Processing  Resse P. & Rylie H.
    Insurance and Risk Management  Macy B.