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Visit our website   |   FEBRUARY 13, 2020
Volume 20, Issue 23

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  • Take Tech Classes: Get Your Hands on Technology

  • Tech Showcase 2020 Teacher Spotlight

  • Best Practices for Shared Computers: Switch User or Log Off?

  • iPadOS Tips

  • Twitter QR Codes

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Take Tech Classes: 
Get Your Hands on Technology

Teachers can get their hands on classroom technology by earning Tech Points when they participate in technology professional development through the CPSB Technology Training Center. Tech Classes cover a wide variety of educational technology integration topics like assistive tech, Office 365 tools, Blackboard, iPad, Promethean and more! The format options of the classes make it convenient for teachers to participate - whether from their desk during a 1-hour after-school webinar or through an online-only 2-week course. Once earned, Tech Points can be traded for classroom technology from the Tech Point Store. Here are the items currently available:

  • Apple TV = 15 pts

  • Document Camera = 15 pts

  • iPad = 25 pts

  • Projector = 40 pts

  • Student Laptop = 40 pts

  • Teacher Laptop = 45 pts

  • Promethean Board = 80 pts

The equipment redeemed through the Tech Points Store remains the property of the teacher as long as they remain an employee of CPSB. If the teacher leaves the parish, the equipment remains at the school. To learn more, visit the Tech Points page and check out the Tech Class Calendar

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Tech Showcase 2020
Teacher Spotlight

This year, thirty teachers showcased the ways they integrate technology in the classroom to support teaching and learning during the Technology Department's Tech Showcase held on January 23rd, 2020. This week, we spotlight Brandi Fruge, Spanish I & II at Bell City High; Melinda Lemke, 8th Grade Math at S.J. Welsh Middle; and Tyffani Granger, 5th Grade ELA at Dolby Elementary. 

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Best Practices for Shared Computers

When you or a student is finished using a shared computer, you have a decision to make that affects the use of the device. Should you sign out or switch user?

Sign Out
Logging off will close all the programs the user currently has open. This means that any unsaved documents that were open will be lost. If it is a shared computer, logging off is typically the best option. In a classroom environment, it is recommended that students choose to log off, especially if one computer is rarely used by the same student twice.

Switch User
Switching user will not close all the programs that are open. Any unsaved documents will still be available when logging back into the computer unless the computer is shut down or restarted. If the computer is shared between only one or two people, this is a viable option. If the computer is used by numerous users, switching users will eventually cause problems for the computer. New users will not be able to log in until the computer has been restarted.

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 iPadOS Tips

Apple's iPadOS comes with several new features. The new home screen has been redesigned so that useful widgets can be pinned on the front page. Text editing has been improved with the ability to copy, paste, undo, and more with simple gestures. Words can be selected with a double-tap, sentences with three taps, and a whole paragraph with four taps. Selected text can then be copied with a three-finger pinch gesture. View tutorial videos and get more information about all the new features at apple.com/ipados/.

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  Twitter QR Codes

Share a QR code to a Twitter profile to share. With the iOS app, tap your profile icon. Next, tap the QR code icon in the bottom right-hand corner. With the Android app, select either the navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Tap either one, then tap QR Code. Once generated, Save photo, Tweet photo or Share. For more tips and information about events at the CPSB Technology Training Center, follow @CPSB_TTC or scan the QR code above.

  Code.org Computer Science Workshops

Code.org is offering two free workshops open to K-5 teachers and school librarians on March 21st at 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM at the McNeese Seed Center. All materials are provided including curriculum guides, snacks, and lunch. Click on the title of each below to enroll.

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