Information Hotline


  • My student/family needs to talk someone during this difficult time. Who can we reach out to?

  • When will students return to school?

  • What if my student had a field trip planned during the closure?

  • Will high school graduations still occur?

  • Will the national ACT scheduled for April 4 be happening?

  • Will employees be paid?

  • How does this time off affect seniors?

  • What is the status of CPSB events during the closure?

  • How does this affect individual school registration dates?

  • Will Early Childhood Coordinated Enrollment still be happening?

  • Can I still obtain an Out of Zone Permit?

  • What does CPSB plan to do about the Spring Break schedule?

  • How do I contact CPSB while schools are closed?

  • How is State Testing affected?

  • Will lunches be served during the closure?