LA Dept of Ed FAQs - General

  • How will we know if there are any additional confirmed cases in Louisiana?

  • What symptoms are associated with COVID-19?

  • Can an individual showing potential symptoms of COVID-19 be tested in Louisiana?

  • What preventative actions can be taken?

  • What is the protocol in place if students experience symptoms associated with COVID-19?

  • Should individuals and families have a plan if an outbreak occurs?

  • Where can we find more information about COVID-19?

  • Has the State of Louisiana issued an emergency proclamation related to COVID-19?

  • What preventative actions can staff take within school buildings?

Seat Time & Distance Learning

  • Relative to attendance, what are the waiver opportunities for students who may not have the necessary 63,720 instructional minutes per year?

State Testing

  • How will the state handle testing as schools are closed?

  • Is the state working with ACT to identify new dates for testing windows?

Teacher Leader Summit

  • Has the Teacher Leader Summit been canceled?

  • Can I still register to attend the Teacher Leader Summit?


  • Have any events or meetings been postponed or canceled?