Elementary Digital Learning Course

  • The CPSB Elementary Curriculum Department has created weekly guided activities for each subject area that are aligned to the CPSB curriculum.

    Use of this resource is not mandatory.  It is intended for those looking for digital resources to access from home. Students can participate in this Blackboard site by clicking the link below:

    Elementary Digital Learning

Elementary Learning Resources

Elem (K-2) - ELA
Students can practice reading grade level stories with decodable readers from their phonics programs.
Everyday Speech
Elem (K-12) - Social Skills
Elem (K-12) - All Subjects
Elem (K-12) - All Subjects
Khan Academy
Elem (K-12) - All Subjects
Coursework Review
Kids A-Z
Elem (K-12) - Social Skills
Elem (K-12) - ELA, Math, Writing
Coursework: Assigned Login Needed. Students can create a log in to access instuctional videos for writing and math.
Online STEM Learning Resources for all students
All (K-12) - STEM
The REC Foundation is here to support all students and educators looking to stay engaged in STEM at home. These recommended STEM resources offer a way for parents, coaches, teachers, and students to easily access useful content for online learning.
Tumble Books
Elem (K-5) - Reading, Math
Combines animations, narration, and sound to create a compelling and enticing story book for students of all ages.
World Book Online
Elem (K-12) - All Subjects
Elem (K-5) - Math
Students can create their own log in to this math resource. Kindergarten students can work on any digital activities. 1st grade students should work on Mission 2 to strengthen place value. Grade 2 students will use Mission 3 to continue to strengthen the understanding of place value. Grade 3 students use Mission 3 to build understanding of mulitiplication and division strategies. Grade 4 students can access Mission 3 to develop a more sophisticated understanding of multiplication and divisi