• Calcasieu Parish Office of Juvenile Justice Detention Center provides temporary educational services to juveniles while they are detained so that when they return to their home school, they will have not missed any assignments and have an easier transition. These detained students, girls or boys ages 9-17 may have committed crimes, adjudicated, delinquent or may be awaiting trial/placement in other facilities or programs.  

    Students housed at the Juvenile Detention center receive education services of teachers, tutors and the Calcasieu Parish Virtual Program provided by the Calcasieu Parish School Board including special education services when appropriate.  

    The curriculum will be individualized, diagnostic and prescriptive.  Instruction will address state and grade-level standards.

    Students will be evaluated using the parish grading policies. All parish and state-mandated testing procedures will be followed.

    Advanced Placement courses are not provided for students while on Homebound Instruction.  If a student enters into the Homebound Program and is currently in Advanced Placement classes, the student must be transferred to non-AP classes and remains in the non-AP classes until the academic year ends

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