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Visit Our Website   |   DECEMBER 3, 2020
Volume 21, Issue 4

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 Pear Deck: Make PowerPoint Presentations Interactive

Pear Deck helps engage every student, no matter the grade or subject. Now, with an Act 837 addendum, CPSB students are able to sign into live or student-paced PowerPoint sessions using their CPSB email credentials for teachers to better assess their needs.

Learn more by watching How Pear Deck Works, then visit CPSB Tech Classes to sign in for access to Teacher Help Videos & Handouts. Pear Deck step-by-step instructions and video tutorials are located in the Office 365 section.


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Blackboard's Editor

Blackboard's editor appears in most places you can add text. The editor is used to add and format text, embed multimedia content, attach files, and insert equations, links, and tables. Click here to view or download a PDF with all of the Blackboard editor options and descriptions.


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Office 365: Sharing Links   

One of the benefits of using Office 365 is the ability to share content in a number of ways. Each time a Word document, OneDrive folder, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint presentation is shared, the person doing the sharing determines the permissions of the link to be shared. This means that each link that is generated by the user is unique to its specific permissions. By default, when a user selects Share, a pop-up appears with the permissions set for People you specify can edit. Here, entering a name or email address will search the CPSB directory. This link can be sent directly to others from within the pop-up or it can be copied and pasted in another location.


Each time something is shared, it is important to consider how it is intended for the link to be used. If the default setting of the link needs to be adjusted, click on People you specify can edit for more link settings. Here, there are options for the link to work for Anyone with the link (guest access), People in cpsb.org with the link (requires CPSB users to be signed into Office 365), People with existing access (important when sharing items like OneNote notebooks where shared permissions have already been established), and Specific people. Other settings include the ability to remove editing rights and to block downloads. When sharing with Anyone with the link, there is also the ability to Set expiration date and Set password.  Setting an expiration date could be beneficial when sharing yearly content with parents and guardians. For more information about sharing files with OneDrive, visit Microsoft Support's Share files with OneDrive.            

Add an Email Signature in Outlook

Adding a signature to close email messages can be done in both the desktop and online Office 365 Outlook apps. The first step is to get an image file of your signature in either PNG or JPG format. This can be done by taking a picture of a handwritten signature or with a screenshot of a digital signature written on a device with a stylus or a finger. Once the image file is ready, you will need to have it available on the device that will be used to add it to Outlook. Click here  when ready to add the signature to Outlook for step-by-step instructions. Visit Tech Classes to sign in for more Help Videos & Handouts for assistance with Office 365 tools, Blackboard, Odysseyware, and more.             

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Classroomscreen Updates

Classroomscreen is a resource designed by a teacher and it shows! Thirteen widgets are available to support class activities including a timer, whiteboard, collaboration symbols, noise monitor, and more. The free version lets users customize the widget bar. Classroomscreen Pro lets subscribed users save their screens. Learn more at Classroomscreen.        

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Happy Holidays to CPSB Teachers

Tech Connect hopes you find useful information to help you in your classroom each week. Previous issues are archived and can be found online here. As a thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the newsletter, the CPSB Technology Training Center wants to gift a teacher with an iPad this holiday season. Teachers, simply complete this form by Monday, December 7th at noon to be eligible to be included in a random drawing. The winning teacher will be contacted by email and announced in the Thursday, December 10th issue of Tech Connect. Keep reading each week for more chances to win. Good luck!  

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