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Visit Our Website   |   DECEMBER 10, 2020
Volume 21, Issue 5 

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Flipgrid for the Classroom

Flipgrid is a free and simple video discussion tool for PreK and up. Teachers can create topics which are discussion prompts and invite students to respond in collaborative video discussions. With a current Act 837 addendum, it can now be used with CPSB email addresses making it an even more inviting assessment tool. To learn how to get started, watch Educators: Getting Started with Flipgrid. Customized support content and professional development for Flipgrid is coming soon in Tech Classes!


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Common Sense in the Classroom

With so many relying on digital learning environments, it is critical that good digital citizen skills are practiced and reinforced when possible and relevant. Common Sense Education has resources to help students make smart choices online and in life with free, ready-to-teach lessons for K-12, quick activities to create a positive culture around digital learning, classroom videos, and student games. Content provided is backed by research and in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Learn more and explore the resources at Common Sense Education.

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Embedding vs. Attaching Content

How many times have you found yourself uploading content as an attachment in Blackboard just to realize that you either made a mistake or the content itself has changed? The only solution is to remove the attachment, update the document, and then reattach it within your course. Fortunately, there is a better way! Teachers can embed PowerPoint presentations, Forms, and Sways in Blackboard from their OneDrive accounts and update them as needed without having to load them again when edited. Once they are embedded in the course, any changes made from OneDrive will automatically be reflected in Blackboard. Students can view the files in Blackboard or download them to their computer for editing their own copy.

For detailed instructions to embed content in Blackboard, visit the Tech Classes site and sign in with your CPSB username and password. Click on Help Videos & Handouts, then click the + to expand the menu to select Content Areas. Here, you'll find PDF handouts and video tutorials that share how to embed video from OneDrive, Forms, PowerPoint presentations, Sways, and Flipgrid video content.

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Making Screen Recording Videos with PowerPoint Desktop

With the PowerPoint desktop app, teachers can quickly and easily create their own screen recordings to use for video tutorials and lessons. This feature provides the ability to capture anything displayed on the desktop screen and include audio narration if a microphone is available. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial to learn how. 


Visit CPSB Tech Classes to sign in for access to all the Teacher Help Videos & Handouts for assistance with Blackboard, Office 365, and more.

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Happy Holidays to CPSB Teachers


Tech Connect hopes you continue to find useful information that can support teaching and learning in your classroom each week. Previous issues of the newsletter are archived and can be found here. As a thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through this issue, the CPSB Technology Department wants to gift another teacher with an iPad this holiday season.

Congratulations to Stacie Green from Barbe Elementary for being last week's winner! To be entered in this week's random drawing, simply complete this form by Monday, December 14th at noon. The winning teacher will be contacted by email and announced in the Thursday, December 17th issue of Tech Connect. Keep reading each week for more chances to win!

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