Simon Youth

Simon Youth
  • Jeremy Dering, Principal
    Dept. of Special Services
    1618 Mill St., Lake Charles, LA 70601
    Phone (337)217-4980, ext 3714

  • Simon Youth Foundation Educational Center

    Simon Youth has two local academies. The Simon Youth Academy at Prien Lake Mall and the Simon Youth Calcasieu Parish Academy, located in Sulphur. 
    The purpose of our dropout prevention program, Simon Youth Academy is to provide in-school and out-of-school students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency.
    • The Simon Youth Academy may be utilized only by students currently in a Calcasieu Parish public high school or who were once enrolled in a Calcasieu Parish public high school.
    • An in-school student may apply with their high school counselor.
    • Students receive education services from teachers and tutors utilizing the approved virtual program provided by the Calcasieu Parish School Board.  Special education services are provided when appropriate.
    • The curriculum will be individualized, diagnostic, and prescriptive.  Instruction will address state and grade-level standards.
    • Students will be evaluated using the parish grading policies. All parish and state-mandated testing procedures will be followed.