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Volume 21, Issue 13

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Digital Media Resource: TrueFlix

Scholastic's TrueFlix, available as a CPSB Digital Media Resource, is an online nonfiction literacy resource to help kindergarten through 6th grade students build knowledge of subject-area content through paired videos and ebooks. Categories include People, Places, and History and Science and Nature. When a book title is selected, students can watch the video, read the ebook, and complete projects and activities related to the subject. Every TrueFlix topic is accompanied by a lesson plan with teaching resources like discussion topics, vocabulary, flipbooks, small-group activities, and projects. Explore all that TrueFlix has to offer by visiting the CPSB Digital Media Resources page.

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Get Their Attention with
Office 365's @mention Feature  

Get someone's attention on a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel spreadsheet with Office 365's @mention commenting feature. Comments can be added from the right-click context menu within OneDrive or from within the file itself by clicking Review New Comment. Simply type @ and the first few letters of the CPSB user's name or student ID. Then, pick the name you want from the populated directory list. If the person you select does not already have permission to access the file, you'll be asked to do so. The person who is @mentioned will receive an email notification to bring their attention to the comment. This feature makes any peer review or teacher-student feedback process flow more effectively. Learn more at Microsoft Support's Use @mention in comments to tag someone for feedback page.

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CanFigureIt Geometry

CanFigureIt Geometry is a unique way to teach and learn geometric proofs. This free website, created by teachers, provides a highly interactive tool with an easy-to-use workspace where student can practice proofs while using deductive reasoning. Several advantages for using with students are that it promotes exploration, teaches problem solving, reinforces logical thinking skills, and provides immediate support through feedback and guidance. Since there is not a current Act 837 addendum for this website to provide permission to use student information, teachers will need to use nicknames for students.

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Upcoming Tech Classes

Teachers can earn Tech Points by participating in CPSB Tech Classes. Tech Points can be traded for classroom technology including projectors, iPads, laptops, and Promethean boards. Here's a list of the upcoming classes. Visit the Tech Classes site to sign in with your CPSB credentials to view the entire schedule and to register for webinars and online courses.


Orientation to the Promethean V7 ActivPanel by AXI (webinar)

Thursday, 2/25 at 3:30PM - 5:00PM


iPad Interactivate Series: Notes App (webinar)

Tuesday, March 2nd at 3:30PM - 4:30PM


Using Tech to Help Students Share Their Voices (2-week online-only course)

Opens Tuesday, March 2nd in Blackboard


ClassLink LaunchPad: Features of My Backpack (repeat webinar)

Tuesday, March 3rd at 3:30PM - 4:30PM

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Tech Classes
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