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Volume 21, Issue 20

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Virtual Meeting Screen Sharing Tips

While there are several tools for hosting virtual meetings and classes including Blackboard Collaborate, Teams, and Zoom, general screen sharing tips apply to them all. First, consider having a slide ready to greet participants to let them know they are in the right place at the right time. If you prefer to limit what participants can view during the meeting or session, share the Window being used rather than the entire desktop.


If you intend to share from multiple sources during the meeting, it might be better to share the desktop. Keep in mind that distracting notifications can be seen while doing so. Focus assist is a Windows 10 feature users can use to avoid distractions during virtual meetings. To adjust the Focus assist settings, start by selecting the Windows icon in the lower left of the task bar. Click the Settings gear, System, and then Focus assist. Here, you can choose which notifications you'd like to see and hear and set automatic rules for when you don't want to be disturbed. Learn more at Microsoft Support's Focus assist page

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Create an Animated GIF in 3 Steps

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files store multiple bitmap images in a single file. While a debate about its proper pronunciation persists since its development in 1987, there is no argument that the format can be used to quickly convey a message or idea. 


PowerPoint desktop app can be used to create a GIF in just 3 steps.

1. Set up your presentation and include any illustrations, animations, and transitions needed.

 2. Select File > Export > Create an Animated GIF. 

3. Click Create GIF. PowerPoint will begin saving the file and notify you when it's done.

GIFs can be uploaded into OneDrive to share online, to post on websites, and to insert in email messages.

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Texting Story App

Texting Story is a free iPad app rated 4+ that allows students to create an ongoing text conversation between two people which saves as a video. This user-friendly app is versatile and can be used by students to demonstrate their understanding of characters analyses, historical figure contributions, and more. Visit the Apple Store to learn more.

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Upcoming Tech Classes

Teachers can earn Tech Points by participating in CPSB Tech Classes. Tech Points can be traded for classroom technology including projectors, iPads, laptops, and Promethean boards. Here's a list of the upcoming classes. Visit the Tech Classes site to sign in with your CPSB credentials to view the entire schedule and to register for webinars and online courses.


iPad Interactivate Series: Pear Deck Integration (webinar)

Wednesday, April 21st at 3:30PM - 4:30PM


Teaching with Tech Book Club: Digital Citizenship in Action (webinar)

Thursday, April 22nd with a virtual kick-off at 3:30PM (virtual meetings for kick-off and closing + 2 weeks online)


Untethered Webinar Series: Promethean ActivPanel Titanium (webinar)

Thursday, April 29th at 3:30PM - 4:30PM

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Tech Classes
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