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Volume 21, Issue 24

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Fun Ways to Celebrate the
End of the School Year

Common Sense Education's 28 Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year from a Distance by Erin Wilkey Oh gives lots of creative ideas for ways to give your students closure and highlight their accomplishments. Ideas include chronicling their milestones with Flipgrid MixTapes, creating virtual yearbooks with collaborative presentation tools like PowerPoint.com, and recording brief audio and video messages to share. Click HERE to go to the article for more ideas.

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Canvas Training for Teachers

Beginning in June, CPSB teachers will have the opportunity to get a jump start with integrating Canvas as the learning management system (LMS) to support their classrooms. Each school has been scheduled a designated time slot for a face-to-face 1.5 hour introductory training session. Sessions will be held at the Technology Training Center located at 1732 Kirkman Street in Lake Charles and at T&I located at 736 College Street in Lake Charles. Session times and locations vary. Click on this Canvas Training PDF to find the date of your school training.  Larger schools have been given two time slots.


Register at Tech Classes by going to www.cpsb.org/techclasses and sign in with your CPSB username (firstname.lastname) and CPSB password. Once signed in, click on Tech Class Calendar which is located on the left side of the window. Click the arrow to move to the month of June. Locate the date of your school's training and click to see all events. Click on the; Register button located in the bottom right. If you are unable to attend the training that has been scheduled for your school additional opportunities for Canvas training will be scheduled.

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Pinning Messages in Outlook.com

Need a way to quickly find an email message after it's been read? Outlook.com's pinning a message feature puts all pinned messages at the top of the Inbox message list. To pin and see pinned messages, first ensure your inbox is sorted by date. To do so, select Filter at the top of the message list to change how messages are sorted. Then, in the message list, hover over any message to see the pin option. Simply click to pin. Once pinned, the message will be placed at the top of the inbox message list. To unpin, simply click the pin again.

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Upcoming Tech Classes

Teachers can earn Tech Points by participating in CPSB Tech Classes. Tech Points can be traded for classroom technology including projectors, iPads, laptops, and Promethean boards. Here's a list of the upcoming classes. Visit the Tech Classes site to sign in with your CPSB credentials to view the entire schedule and to register for webinars and online courses.


Teaching with Tech Book Club: Tasks Before Apps (webinar)

Thursday, May 20th with a virtual kick-off at 3:30PM (virtual meetings for kick-off and closing + 2 weeks online)


Hovercam Pilot (webinar)

Thursday, May 20th at 3:30PM - 4:30PM

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