Every student enrolled at T.S. Cooley will score at
    or above grade level in all subject areas, will express
    creativity through artistic endeavors, and will exhibit
    strong characteristics of personal leadership to build
    a strong foundation for future success.


    Create a safe and nurturing environment that encourages students to learn, take risks, and
    participate in experiences not readily available in a traditional elementary school setting.
    Understand that the best learning occurs when students feel safe and happy.

    Focus on greater academic excellence by providing a challenging and enriching curriculum that
    allows our students to form conceptual understandings of each subject, connect what they learn
    to their own lives, and use essential knowledge and skills to address meaningful problems.
    Engage students in meaningful learning experiences.

    Integrate a variety of artistic endeavors and encourage creativity.
    Encourage students to use their imagination to think outside the box to
    create new and original ideas.

    Guide students to develop respect for all and embrace differences.
    Teach students to value differences.

    Help students recognize their individual strengths, talents, and abilities.
    Encourage them to use these to work to their fullest potential.
    Discover strengths of students and model how to use them in a positive manner.
    Develop leaders.

    Involve family members and the community in promoting the vision of the school.
    Extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in supporting our school.

    Enable students to have the foundation necessary for future success to become productive,
    self-disciplined, independent, confident, and contributing members of our society.
    Do everything in our power to set our students up for success.