• Some assignments are able to be completed before the end of class.

    All assignments and dates will be posted on the white board in the classroom.

    Anything turned in after a later date and/or time is considered late.

    Be sure to complete and turn in all assignments.

    Grades are based on two categories:  formative and summative.

    Formative assignments are worth 40% of your grade. 

    Summative assignments are worth 60% of your grade.


    100 - 93 (A) * 92 - 85 (B) * 84 - 75 (C) * 74 - 67  (D) * 66 - 0 (F)

    English I is a LEAP 2025 course.

    The LEAP test counts for 20% of your total course grade.

    It is helpful to think of it as another nine week grade.


Grading Information