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    Sociology is a CLEP Prep course. In May, each student will take a CLEP test, and if the test is passed, the student will receive 3 hours of Socilogy college credit. In addition to the coursework assigned in my class, students are expected to utilize Modern States, in which they will earn a CLEP voucher upon completion of the site. 

    English I Adv

    English I is an EOC course. Students will take a LEAP 2025 test in April or May. Passing this test is a graduation requirement. 

    English III AP Language and Composition

    AP Lang is an Advanced Placement course, in which students will take a nationally based exam in May. All students across the country will test at the same time, and make ups are not available. The University Program covers the cost of this exam. Passing this exam will result in college credit, but does not affect the GPA or graduation rate of your student. 


    Fuel is a class intended to raise students literacy and mathematic fluency. Each day, students are expected to spend 20 minutes on Acheive 3000, ALEKS, or Mastery Prep. With the remainder of the time in class, students may work on homework, missed assignments, or make up tests for other classes.Students should utilize this time to communicate with their teachers. 

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