• Tportie he Elementary Department embraces the philosophy that all children can learn. We continue to meet local, state, and federal mandates to ensure quality educational opportunities for all students. The curriculum is strategically planned to meet the challenges of Pre-K through fifth (5th) grades.

    The Early Childhood Department serves three and four year old students through a variety of Pre-K programs including Headstart, Title I Pre-Kindergarten Program, 8(g) Student Enhancement Block Grant Program, and the state’s nationally acclaimed early childhood program, the Cecil J. Picard LA 4 Program.

    It is the priority of the Elementary Department to rise to the challenge of meeting the rigor of the Common Core. The core subjects are targeted with emphasis on reading and mathematics. The Department continues to focus on research-based strategies, meaningful engaged learning, and differentiated instruction. A concerted effort to maintain and strengthen the teaching and learning process, at all grade levels, is a requirement and on-going challenge. All students are prepared to become a viable and productive citizen of our society.

    The implementation of the Balanced Score Card has allowed us the opportunity to further assist schools with the data and evidence needed to improve leadership and academic performance.

    In addition to the basics, all children are given access to programs that meet their physical, social, and psychological needs. Each school is equipped with a full time counselor, physical education program, and enrichment courses. The implementation of technology includes a wealth of innovative resources for students of all ages. A well-rounded special education program and gifted education are included.

    The Department prides itself in the numerous awards and recognitions that the schools have obtained. We further believe that with greater emphasis being placed on alignment and Professional Development, our schools will continue to excel.