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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

Mrs. Tabitha Sheppard

Dear world,

          Some might admit that I am crazy, or odd, or a little abnormal. I must admit, that all of these descriptions are quite accurate. However, I believe in being different, set apart, and unique. Each of us on this earth are tasked with doing our part. For some that may be piloting a plane, for others a nurse in a hospital, some might bring beauty to the world through their great artistic skills, and others will be certain to bring joy to lives by eliminating the bugs around the house and keeping someone's yard spectacular! Whatever the case may be, whichever role we individually play, each one is important. While different, one role is not more important than the other because it takes all roles being fulfilled in order to complete this task we call life. So please know that it is not about being THE best, but about being YOUR best! Completing your role to the best of your abilities! You do that, I do that, and we will excel in this life together!! :)