Welcome to St. John

    School Philosophy: We are an educational institution that places the highest value in our students by establishing high expectations and equal accountability for all stakeholders.

    Staff Expectations: Ensure success for every student by providing a healthy school culture in all practices:

    ·Weekly collaboration within professional learning communities

    ·Utilize student data to meet needs of allstudents

    ·Ongoing professional development to employ progressive instruction

    ·Respect and nurture individuality of students through professional best practices

    ·Collate quality surveys to gain perspectives of strengths and challenges

    Student Expectations: Become active partners in learning by SOARing each day:

    ·Strive for Excellence

    ·Outstanding Behavior

    ·Act Responsibly

    ·Respect Others

    Parents Expectations: Promote child’s learning:

    ·Embrace school’s vision

    ·Align beliefs to school’s philosophy of learning

    ·Support and reinforce school’s expectations, procedures and routines

    ·Become active participants in child’s educational journey through attendance, academics, and accountability.

    Mission Statement
    : A student driven team collaborating to prepare life-long learning and success

    Vision: Growth Mindset

    Core Values: Respect, Compassion, Honesty, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Sportsmanship, Cooperation, Citizenship, and Integrity

    Focus: St. John Elementary is a progressive school that provides excellence in education for all our students, evidenced in exemplary learning opportunities, rigorous standards and assessments, and integration of technology. Educators at SJE are“believers” in success for every student and create and nurture a healthy school culture in which to thrive.

    Goal: To continue improving our school in order to successfully prepare our students for college and careers. We rely heavily on the involvement of all stakeholders and invite them to become active partners in maintaining a healthy culture for our students, staff, and community.