• WEEK 7

    Monday, September 25th: PRACTICE ACT/ MAKE-UP DAY

    Tuesday, September 26th: Begin 1.15: Writing a Literary Analysis Paragraph - Write Rough Draft

    Wednesday, September 26th: Work on paragraphs; review for quiz

    Thursday, September 27th: Lessons 7-15 Quiz; Paragraph Due

    Friday, September 28th: 1.16 "The Gift of the Magi"


    WEEK 6

    Monday, September, 18th: Complete Lesson 1.12 (pgs. 69-70); Begin 1.13 "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Part 2

    Tuesday, September 19th: LIBRARY ORIENTATION DAY

            FUEL DAY: 3 Quill Activities (Access Quill through Clever or Springboard)

    Wednesday, September 20th: Complete Lesson 1.13; Begin 1.14 "Owl Creek Bridge" Part 3

    Thursday, September 21st: Complete 1.14 (pgs. 81-82)

    Friday, September 22nd: Literary Analysis Paragraph DUE


    WEEK 5

    Monday, September 11th: Work on 1.7 Narrative Writing; Read and Annotate 1.8 "Lamb to the Slaughter" Part 1

    Tuesday, September 12th: Discuss 1.8 - Complete Notebook Activities; Read and Annotate 1.9 "Lamb to the Slaughter" Part 2

          FUEL: QUILL

                    **COMPLETE LEAP SLT PRE-TEST ASAP

    Wednesday, September 13th: Discuss 1.9 - Complete Notebook Activities; Begin 1.10 - Revising a Literary Analysis Paragraph

    Thursday, September 14th: Complete 1.10 (pg. 62)

    Friday, September 15th: Read and Annotate 1.11-1.12: "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Part 1


    WEEK 4

    Monday, September 4th: LABOR DAY

    Tuesday, September 5th: Make-up Day

            FUEL DAY: QUILL

    Wednesday, September 6th: Lesson 1.7: Read, Annotate, Answer Discussion Questions

    Thursday, September 7th: 1.7: Whole-Class Discussion (with handout)

    Friday, September 8th: 1.7: Formative Narrative Assignment: A Change in Perspective (assignment in Canvas)


    WEEK 3

    Monday, August 28th: Lesson 1.5 (pgs. 29-32)

    Tuesday, August 29th: Edulastic pre-test

          FUEL DAY: Quill Diagnostic Assessments (Access Quill through Clever or Springboard)

    Wednesday, August 30th: Lesson 1.6

    Thursday, August 31st: Complete 1.6 (pg. 36)

    Friday, September 1st: Unit 1, part 1 Quiz (Lessons 2-6) 


    WEEK 2

    Monday, August 21st: Complete 1.3: Discussion, Sentence Expansion

    Tuesday, August 22nd: Enroll in Springboard; Begin Lesson 1.4 Vocabulary Preview and Practice Packet 

         FUEL DAY: Make sure your Class Notebook is Up to Date (Literary Terms copied, all of 1.2 and 1.3 completed)

    Wednesday August 23rd: Complete 1.4 Vocab Packet; Read and Annotate "The First Day"

    Thursday, August 24th: 1.4: Analyze the character of the mother in "The First Day" with Characterization Charts

    Friday, August 25th: Complete 1.4 Activities; Make-Up


    WEEK 1

    Friday, August 14th: First Day of School! Go Over Course Outline 

    Monday, August 15th: Interest Inventory

    Tuesday, August 16th: Get to Know Your Classmates Game; Online Tools Review; Get Workbooks; Lesson 1.1

    Wednesday, August 17th: Lesson 1.2 - Gallery Walk; complete and turn in page 12 from the workbook

    Thursday, August 18th: Get Notebooks - Copy Literary Terms

    Friday, August 19th: Complete 1.2 Notebook Activities; Begin 1.3: Read "Bread", Fill in Unknown Word Chart