•  History Of S.J. Welsh

           Our school was named after Mr. Samuel John Welsh, one-time president of the Calcasieu Parish School Board. The school was built in 1960 on 14 acres of vacant fields. The main building and one gymnasium were constructed at a cost of $680,000. Since 1960 the school has grown from a junior high school of 280 students to a middle school with over 1350 students in 2019. Funds from bond issues have enlarged the school plant. Fourteen additional classrooms, new dressing rooms, and a girl’s gym were added between 1969 and 1980. Further additions were completed with nine additional classrooms, a new band room, and numerous other renovations in 1992. The most recent additions are the new administrative offices, library, 6th grade center, 7th grade center, 8th grade center, foreign language wing, SPARK wing, and enlargement of the girls’ gym.