• Sasol

    We are so thankful that Sasol is our partner in education. They received the prestigious “Distinguished Partner Award” from the State of Louisiana in 1995, 1999, and 2010. Sasol employees volunteer their services as judges of various projects, speakers, lunch buddies, and tour guides of their plant. Each six week period, Sasol provides a donut breakfast for perfect attendance, honor roll, and banner roll students. Sasol has provided funds for student incentive programs and mini-grants for teachers for innovative program development; Sasol has also refurbished our playground equipment. We thank Sasol for their time and commitment in partnering with our school. Sasol North America Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biodegradable ingredients for soaps, detergents and personal care products worldwide. The company is also recognized as a quality producer of high-purity aluminas, an inert material used as a catalyst, thickening agent, absorbent, and mild abrasive in a variety of everyday products. The company has offices in Houston, Texas with facilities located in Tucson, Arizona and near Lake Charles, Louisiana. In the Southwest Louisiana area, Sasol North America employs approximately 400 people with an average of 150 additional contract employees, which will increase with the new expansion of the SWLA facility. For more about Sasol visit www.sasolswla.com.