• What is Lake Charles-Boston Academy? 

    Established in July 2007, the Lake Charles-Boston Academy was designed to create a center for extended learning services for students in our district. 

    Lake Charles-Boston Academy houses our district's Virtual Instruction Program. The Virtual Instruction Program establishes virtual classes for students who are located at their school campus but wish to take unique courses that may not be offered in a traditional setting on their school's campus.

    The Virtual Instruction Program currently offers the following courses to eleven high schools in our district:  Dual Enrollment College Algebra, Dual Enrollment Statistics, Dual Enrollment Trigonometry, Dual Enrollment Calculus, Statistical Reasoning, Advanced Placement Human Geography, African American History, Dual Enrollment Psychology, Dual Enrollment Criminal Justice, Survey of Dance, American Sign Language, Dual Enrollment Theatre, Dual Enrollment Acting, Dual Enrollment, Dual Enrollment Composition, Dual Enrollment Fiction, Dual Enrollment Mythology, Dual Enrollment Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Introduction to Biomedical Sciences, Computational Thinking, Comparative Anatomy, and French II.