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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Elementary Education Northwestern State University M.S Educational Leadership Arkansas State University Louisiana Level 2

Ms. Ross

Hello, I am Sonya Ross.  My roots are in DeRidder, Louisiana, but I've lived Baton Rouge and Leesville as a child.  I am a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, and a child.  I am somebody to somebody.  So, I really enjoy hosting and attending family functions. I listen to books on tape/cd during long road trips. When I retire from education, I plan to work in the hospitality field, so I can get discounts on hotel rooms during my trips.  How did I get into education?  

While in elementary school, I participated in a French Immersion Program. That is when I decided to be become a French/English teacher.  I graduated from Northwestern State University with a B.A. in Elementary Education. I accepted my first teaching position to be with family and began my career as middle school math teacher.  While teaching at Pickering High School, I held many titles.  I worked as the credit/grade recovery facilitator for about five years.  I sponsored Jr. High Cheerleading for three years and Varsity cheerleading for two years.  After eight years, I moved to Arkansas and taught in their school districts four years. I served as mentor for two years while in Arkansas. During my time there I received a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University.  I returned to Louisiana in 2017, where I have been the 7th grade math teacher at Ray D. Molo Middle School and contniue to grow as an educator.  

During my teaching career I have seen change; leadership, district, state testing, curriculum to name a few.  However, after teaching in Title 1 schools in two states, one thing that has not changed is the student's math fear/ anxiety.  I originally wanted to be a French/English teacher not math.  I had math fear/ anxiety. I was certified but that did not mean I was highly qualified.  I learned quickly that practice makes you better not perfect.   As a teacher my goal is to help students become better not just with math but with life.  The fear/ anxiety will not go away within nine months, but it needs to lessen a little bit each day because they are practicing.  Practice is more than just them doing math problems, its collaboration, communication, celebrations, and many other real-world skills. Even with all math experience, I still have math fear/ anxiety when I enter a room with other math teachers, However, it is not the same as when I first started because I have been practicing.  So, if I can get students to practice those real-world skills in all aspects of their life then the fear/ anxiety lessens a little bit each time.