How do I attend face-to-face classes at LCB Academy?   

    • Students attending the academy will stay enrolled at their home schools.
    • To attend a class at the academy, a student must include it in their course request sheet for that school year.
    • There is not a specific grade point average requirement to attend the classes at LCB Academy. However, since each individual class is different, some may have prerequisites or grade point requirements.
    • Transportation to the LCB Academy is provided by the Calcasieu Parish School Board Transportation Department.

    How do I take online classes through LCB Academy?   

    • Students attending the online academy must discuss course options with their home school counselor.
    • Home school counselor will complete an ACEONLINE application and send for approval.
    • Once approved, the student will report to LCBA for orientation and testing throughout the school year.
    • It is recommended that students have internet access available to them outside of the school system and is the responsibility of the parent to provide this access.
    • Full time virtual students remain enrolled at their home school; thus they are eligible to participate in school-based functions such as dances, clubs and sports with administration permission.
    • Since students are not required to attend daily, transportation is NOT provided from the home school and is the responsibility of the student’s guardian.