• Ancient World History

    • Since we were not at school on Monday and Tuesday the following adjustments will be made for the remainder of the week...

      Wednesday - 

           Same BRAIN power Point and Sheet.  The adjustment is that the students are to do the BRAIN assignment for Days 1 and 2 today.

           Then the students will work on Chapter 3 vocabulary chart and Guided Reading

      Thursday - 

          Same BRAIN power point and Sheet.  The adjustment is that today you will do the BRAIN assignment for both days 3 and 4.

          We will go over the Vocabulary Power Point and the begin the notes for chapter 2 with outline and power point

      Friday -

           We will have the BRAIN Quiz which is open BRAIN sheets...meaning the students can use the BRAIN sheets for the quiz.  They will use the sheets from last weeks BRAIN and this weeks BRAIN.

          We will continue the notes on Chapter 3


      We will not get to the foldable this week! 

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