Sulphur High School Nurse- Main & 9th grade

  • LA State Required Immunizations for School-Age Students

    - Use the link above to view the Louisiana Department of Health's immunization requirements for all students to be enrolled/maintain enrollment in a public school setting. 

    **Revised October 2019: All 11th grade students and/or 16 year olds will be required to receieve a 2nd Meningococcal Vaccine (MenACWY) and provide proof of immunization to maintain public enrollment.


    Moving from another state or country? Click here!

    - Use the link above for directions on how to transfer your student's out of state/country shot record into our Louisiana System.  Must be done before enrolling at Sulphur High School.


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  •  NEW Health Condition Nurse Notification

    Please use the link above to notify the School Nurse of newly diagnosed chronic medical conditions when they arise throughout the school year, alert the Nurse to a situation that may need medical assessment, or if you have any questions or concerns to request to speak with the Nurse!   


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  • When should I stay home from school?

    Use this chart as a reference guide at home to know when your child should remain out of school and when it will be okay for them to return to school after an illness or hospital visit.  For further information, reach out via email or call the front office for guidance. 


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  • If your child has medication that NEEDS to be taken at school, please use the forms below to print, have reviewed by your provider, and return to school.  This entire packet should also be filled out for any medication order for school use, including as needed medications or emergency self-carry medications as allowed by your medical provider. 


    ** Medication cannot be on campus at any time without the proper CPSB Protocol, signed parental permission and Physician's Order in place.  Any medication (over the counter products, Tylenol/Motrin, Midol, topical creams, eye/ear drops, cough drops, prescribed medication without a school order, etc.) found in a student's possession without proper procedure is subject to disciplinary action as deemed necessary by SHS Administration.** 



    Medication Packet- Cover Page 

    Medication Packet- Page 1; Role of the Parent/Guardian (informational only)  Please print for your records.

    Medication Packet- Page 2; Medical Provider's Rx Order.  Parent will sign and return after the appointment, before returning to campus.  This page will be returned for all medications. 

    Medication Packet- Page 3: Health Information Sheet  Parent/guardian is to fill out this page for each medication for school use.  Please make sure phone numbers are functional for emergency situations. 


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